We believe in the value of building connections, and that there is more than one way to find success.

About Us

Our team is comprised of unique and complementary minds, combining the technical and the creative to bring your story to life. We're intentionally small and mighty, purposefully selecting our clients to ensure a positive, personalized, and care-driven partnership, every time.

Emily Erickson

Creative Strategy & Content

Worker of words and lover of story for over 4 years, Emily's favorite part of being human is finding and cultivating connection. She thinks the best place for a mind is in the clouds or grounded in earth, and as a Floss managing partner, ensures your voice will shine through the noise of the digital world.

Emily's Superpower: Empathy.

Nate Kay

Nate Kay

Technical Support & SEO

Technically speaking, Nate has over 20 years of website development and SEO experience. Like Oz behind the curtain, he thrives off of challenge and believes in the power of a well established process. As a Floss managing partner, Nate strives to debunk the theory that bigger is better when it comes to your marketing team, driving results through attention and care.

Nate's Superpower: Strategizing.


Joelle Stewart

Web Development & Marketing

With an entrepreneurial spirit, a creative eye, and a fearless attitude, Joelle is fueled by the adventure of a new project. Founder of Reyn Creative Marketing, she is energized by orienting businesses in the direction of success, and finds there are few puzzles that can't be cracked by scribbling in her ideas journal.

Joelle's Superpower: Braveness.


Lana Bannow

Graphic Design & Print

Designer and creator, Lana finds beauty in the balance of functionality, purpose, and personality, and brings story to life through curated imagery. Founder of Hey Charlie Creative, Lana thrives off of connecting to clients and their goals, using design to get them where they want to go.

Lana's Superpower: Perspective.

Stephanie Kay-Kok

Stephanie Kay-Kok

Quality Assurance & Support

Currently living in the Netherlands, Stephanie judges books by their covers, reads magazines for the pictures, and hangs out in the children’s section of the bookstore. She has a master’s in literature, somehow, and writes for a living.

Stephanie's Superpower: Attentiveness.

Dr. Andrew Edwards

Dr. Andrew Edwards

Board Member & Advisor

Owner of Walla Walla Eye Center in Washington and certified member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Dr. Andrew Edwards advises the Floss Creative team on the nuances of owning a small practice. He provides insight into the medical field, shedding light on the little things big and generalized agencies might overlook.

Andrew's Superpower: Insight.

We might not be as smart as we look. But then again, maybe we are.

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