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Local SEO uses data to inform online strategy

With Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it's easy to get lost in the jargon. So, simply put, we use data-driven strategy to help more people find you in online searches—AKA, more people winding up at your door.

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show up where people are actually looking

"Local SEO" is getting your business information—your services, hours, contact methods, and more—synced and in the right places online. This matters because the quality and consistency of your information (listings) are evaluated, compared against others like you, and ranked based on your Quality Score. A higher score = more business for you.

Nearly one-third of online users in the US use local search every day.

"Where to" and "Near me" mobile queries have grown 200 percent in the last two years.

Eighty-four percent of consumers use online reviews to inform their choices.

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Local Listing Optimization

Track your improvement

Smart analytics and reporting

Get your reviews to match your value

Reputation strategy

With listing management comes peace of mind.

Your gatekeeper is always at work.

Never worry about business information discrepancies again. Your gatekeeper will keep an eye out for any unauthorized changes to your online listings, and protect you from all the things that could disrupt your quality score.  

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